August 17-20, 2015


  • Michael Ruse (Florida State University)
  • Denis Alexander (St Edmund’s College)
  • Helen de Cruz (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Gijsbert van den Brink (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Vincent Brümmer (Utrecht University)
  • Nidhal Guessoum  (American University of Sharjah)
  • Kelly James Clark  (Grand Valley State University)
  • Jeroen de Ridder (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Nancey Murphey  (Fuller Theological Seminary)
  • Emanuel Rutten (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Dick Swaab (Netherlands Instituut voor Neurowetenschappen)
  • Henk de Regt (VU University Amsterdam)
  • Ab Flipse (VU University Amsterdam)


During this Summer Seminar we will discuss the main topics on Science and Religion.

Day 1: The Nature of Science and the Nature of Religion

On the first day of the Seminar we will discuss the nature of science and the nature of religion. Topics that will be discussed include: What is science? Science and knowledge: is there scientific knowledge? What is the nature of scientific knowledge? We will also discuss the nature of religion, and whether religions make factual claims. We will finish the day with a discussion on: “Can religious belief be rational?”

Day 2: Science and Religion in Historical Perspective

This day general issues on the topic of science and religion in historical perspective will be discussed. More specifically, we will discuss the relation between science and religion, based on the view of Ian Barbour and beyond. We will also discuss the Islam and Science. Other topics that will be studied are firstly the origins of science and the Judeao-Christian Doctrine of Creation, and secondly the life and thought of Abraham Kuyper: Science and Christianity.

Day 3: Science and Religion in contemporary perspective

During the third day, we will discuss what cognitive science says about religion end whether CSR is debunking. In the afternoon, we will have two discussions on the question: is there a conflict on Science and Religion?” Both scientists and philosophers will discuss this question.

Day 4: Religious Belief and the Theory of Evolution

We will discuss on the topic of evolution, theology and biblical interpretation. Firstly, evolution, fall and sin will be discussed and secondly evolution and divine action. Thereafter we will discuss evolution and evil: God or blind nature? We will finish the summer seminar with a lecture on the suffering of animals.

More information

This Summer Seminar is part of the ‘Science beyond Scientism‘ project.

Please find the booklet here.