What is Amsterdam’s Academic Research Climate? 

Part of our main research project “The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University” is a subproject on Amsterdam’s Academic Research Climate.

Amsterdam’s Research Climate (ARCA)

The motivation for carrying out the ARCA project is that we have hardly any data on what motivates people to adhere to their integrity in academic research. Being a reliable researcher that takes integrity seriously is important for the trust in research and researchers. There are some ideas up in the air as to what makes researches behave reliably and virtuous, but little empirical evidence is available. ARCA is one of the pioneering studies that looks at ways to foster responsible research practices. To do this, we first need to get insight into which determinants play a role in stimulating responsible conduct of research, but also which determinants fuel research misconduct or questionable research practices.


ARCA is a research project that investigates research climate and integrity in the 4 academic institutions in Amsterdam. On the website you can find all important information about the project, its progress and developments and more in-depth information of the research content (i.e. privacy policy) and research protocol. You can also learn more about the main research team and the steering group, which includes researchers from the 4 participating institutions (University of Amsterdam, VU University, Academic Medical Center and VU medical center).

Click here to see the website.


The project is carried by prof dr. Lex Bouter, dr. Joeri Tijdink and Tamarinde Haven, MSc. Prof. dr. René van Woudenberg is one of the members of the steering group.