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Peels R. (2020). “The Many Roads to Progress in Philosophy and Theology”, in Julia Hermann, Jeroen Hopster, Wouter Kalf, Michael Klenk (eds.), Philosophy in the Age of Science? Inquiries into Philosophical Progress, Method, and Societal Relevance (London: Rowman & Littlefield), 15-34

Sijtsma S, Emons WHM, Steneck NH, Bouter LM. Steps toward preregistration of research on research integrity. Research Integrity and Peer Review (in press)

Urlings MJE, Duyx B, Swaen GMJ, Bouter LM, Zeegers. MP Citation bias and other determinants of citation in biomedical research: findings from six citation networks. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology (in press)

Bouter LM, ter Riet G. Empirical research must be replicated before its findings can be trusted. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2020; 129: 188-190

Malički M, Jerončić A, ter Riet G, Bouter LM, Ioannidis JPA, Goodman S, Aalbersberg IJJ. Preprint servers’ policies, submission requirements, and transparency in reporting and research integrity recommendations. JAMA 2020; 324: 16: 1901-3.

Mejlgaard N, Bouter LM, Gaskell G, Kavouras P, Allum N, Bendtsen AK, Charitidis CA, Claesen N, Dierickx K, Domaradzka A, Reyes Elizondo A, Foeger N, Hiney M, Kaltenbrunner W, Labib K, Marušić A, Sørensen MP, Ravn T, Ščepanović R, Tijdink JK, Veltri GA. Research integrity: nine ways to move from talk to walk. Nature 2020; 586: 358-60.

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